Guide to Making a Shower Curtain for a Clawfoot Bathtub

Posted on April 9th, 2010

Due to the pure beauty of its form, many homeowners have shown predilection for a clawfoot bathtub over a commonplace shower enclosure. Nothing quite compares to the sophistication and antique charm that a clawfoot tub bestows to the bath. Additionally, the clawfoot tub lends an understated and grand elegance to an otherwise functional room and makes relaxing in a bathtub full of bubbles purely captivating.

When the clawfoot tub was initially produced years ago, there was no preparation made for a shower at all. As the shower became more of a commonality, clawfoot bathtub owners recognized that they could add a wall shower and a surrounding shower curtain and have the best of both worlds - endless soaks or quick showers. To turn your tub into a shower enclosure, all you need is a rod, some rings, an existing shower fixture and of course, a curtain. The five steps below make it effortless to construct and install a shower curtain around your clawfoot tub.

Plan your design
First, you need to plan what pattern you want to utilize for the installation or “enclosure”. You might elect to install a curtain around the tub in a sort of halo pattern that encloses the tub in a tight space. On the other hand, you can install a straight shower curtain rod to separate the bathroom area from the actual bathtub area, thus giving the bather more privacy.

Get measurements
Utilize a measuring tape in order to calculate the “drop” once you have determined which pattern or layout you will use. The “drop” pertains to the length from the flooring to the top of the shower curtain rod. Once you have discovered the drop, add three to four inches as an allowance.

Pick Out and purchase the material
It is a great idea to pick out a material that is resistant to water and effortless to take care of. Shower curtains are usually manufactured using effortless to care for alternatives. Take the overall pattern and style of your bathroom into consideration when picking out a pattern or solid shower curtain material.

Prepare the material
Once you have purchased the fabrics, cut the material corresponding to your measure and then sew together or tape both ends of the material for added durability. For those who don’t plan to use a sewing machine, you can just use a waterproof fabric adhesive. Affix the shower curtain hooks on the top of the material at intervals of three to four inches.

Installing the shower curtain
As a last measure, attach the shower curtain rings to the previously installed rod. Make certain that the clasps are secure and are aligned. This works to keep the curtain in position while the shower is in use. Lastly, tug on the shower curtain and move it about, looking for snags.

Now complete embellishing your elegant bathroom with metal wall art in creamy white for a shabby chic or cottage look, or bring in tree wall art, botanical prints and wall vases loaded with vines and blooms for an English garden twist.

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